School woes…and the art of moving on.

Oh boy. I have made some stinky decisions in my life, I am sure none of you have though! I received a letter today saying that my financial aid has been suspended. Two weeks before the semester begins. Not the thing you want to hear. So, I made phone calls. Many phone calls. I didn’t get too far with that. I did find out that I have basically been in school for too long and the government thinks I should have like 80 degrees by now.  But  I have a plan of action:

Write personal statement letter (why I deserve to have my financial aid re-instated).

Meet with an academic counselor.

Mail the information to the financial aid office.

Twiddle my thumbs in anticipation of their decision.

So, yeah, I am a little down right now. But, I already wrote the letter and have an appointment at 11am tomorrow! SO, I am on my way to getting things done.

Now, I will go make some dinner, actually re-heat the dinner Dan made for me! I am suddenly going gluten-free for a month because of stomach troubles, so he graciously made me my first meal earlier today so I could eat it while he is at work. I will take pics and write about it tomorrow.

After eating dinner, I am going to start cleaning/organizing my sewing room and storage room. They are a mess. It needs to get done. Wish me luck!


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