Getting ready and getting creative!

All week long I have been getting things ready to start school again next week. I took classes this summer, but it was so fast that by the time I got into the groove of things it was over! I like to be super organized for the beginning of the semester. So, today, I cleaned out my desk and labeled my binders, folders and notebooks with all of my class information! It makes me feel ready. Here is a picture of what I did!


I also finally cleaned out the garage! I do not have any after photos yet, but I will post before/after one day. It feels great in there! It took all day and a great friend came and helped me out!

After cleaning out the garage I was feeling pumped up and motivated, so I cleaned out my sewing-storage room and my sewing room! Dan helped me with the sewing room, which was dusty and glittery and making him sneeze! But I was grateful for the help.  I have since plowed through one of my totes labeled “unfinished projects” which makes me feel really good! Most of the items in the tote were things I had started on a long time ago or had an idea for that never got fully thought out. So, I feel good to be done with those even though they are not things I really sew these days, it made me feel like I have moved on to a new level of my sewing skills, which is fun! Here is something I have been working on from the tote:

So, it has been a very busy week, but I have gotten a lot accomplished. I am going over to a friends house tonight, she makes beautiful jewelery. A while ago, my grandmother gave me a beautiful vintage crystal necklace complete with clip-on earrings. Well, my friend April has turned those things into something wonderful for me! I am going to get the necklace tonight, I don’t even know what it looks like! I am also purchasing a wonderful black and red beaded necklace from her, I am very excited! I do not typically wear jewelery because I am allergic to many kinds of metal, but April has been using surgical/stainless steel clasps and jump rings for me! I think she has even found a glass clasp for the crystal one!

I am planning on wearing one of the necklaces to a wedding this weekend, I am trying to channel Audrey Hepburn, so we will see…. I will post pictures later.

Have a great weekend and do something on your list that you don’t really want to do…it will make you feel better to cross it off, trust me.



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