Overwhelmed and Uninspired!

I started school on Monday. It was a little rough only because of what my weekend plans were. Dan and I were in Stillwater, Minnesota at a wedding on Saturday, so we decided to spend the weekend at this beautiful bed and breakfast! It was just great! However, we stayed two nights, and I had school at 10am on Monday, so we had to leave at 7:30am to make it back in time for me to quickly drop him off and get to class!

Classes went ok, I am taking a lot of science which I am not very good at, so I am already overwhelmed and it is just the first week. I have gotten VERY good grades since I started on this leg of my college journey and I will NOT let these science classes change that! So, everyday I have been studying and trying to stay on top of things…but it is hard.

I am eagerly awaiting September 5th, when financial aid gets disbursed, so I will know if I have to pay for some of my classes out of pocket…I sure hope not.

I started this post a few days ago and I am finishing it now. Today, is a good day. I went down to the Mill City Farmers Market to visit with April and check out her booth there, which is adorable! Now I am procrastinating at packing to go to the cabin in Ely, MN for a few days.

Dan is working so it is my job to pack everything then scoop him up from work and drive north! I have so much homework to do in addition to packing, but all I REALLY want to do is SEW!!! I talked to my mom about participating int he Mill City Farmers Market next year and I am getting all pumped up about it! It is a beautiful day and I am feeling really creative, but unfortunately, I have to do other things.
If I hurry and pack, maybe I can do a teeny bit of sewing and finish some projects!


I hope you have a lovely Labor Day weekend and get to lay around and do nothing labor-intensive on Monday!



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