How To: Occupy Your Time Wisely

Here I am at a craft fair. I went into this thinking, “It will be great! I will sell SO MUCH stuff that I will have to scrounge to make more inventory!” That is sadly not the case. There are enough people here, but too many lookers and not enough buyers. I brought homework just in case and they have wifi, which is great! Here is my T Do list for this event:

1. read chapter 16 in Astronomy book CHECK

2. take chapter 16 online quizzes CHECK

3. read chapter 10 in Geology book CHECK

4. sit around being bored/texting April and Shelli about event CHECK

5. get inspired for a new blog! (thanks April!) CHECK

6. write new blog CHECK-ish


April and I went back and forth about why I am not selling much at this event and I think it may come down to the display. I got pretty good at displaying my clothing items when I was selling clothes, but now I am onto glassware and I just can’t get the display right!

This is my current display, it just isn’t that great.

Here is what I am thinking of building:

Basically, the bases of the shelves would come out so it folds nicely. I could make several of them and nix the table situation all together. I feel like people have a hard time looking at all of the glassware because it is at waist level night eye level. I guess I have my winter project lined up then!


I have also received requests for two new items that I am very excited to offer! Dog/cat treat jars and etched glass baby bottles. Lately I have run into several people who are using glass baby bottles, so I am thinking it is on the rise, I do not know if it will be economical to purchase them, etch on them and re-sell them, but I am going to look into it! The  dog/cat treat jars however, what a great idea! I even have a few jars that are big enough in storage to start on this week!


One other thing that has been asked a lot lately is, “What is the process for etching?” Next time I have an etching session, I will write a blog about it and document it so I can show people at events when they ask!


Until next time!


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