Another craft show….another project..

In my last post I was lusting over some shelving units. Well, I’ve done it! When I was in Round Lake for Thanksgiving, I talked to my dad about it and helped draw up a plan. I had only one week to complete a shelf in order to have it ready for the Crafty Pancakes Art Fair on December 1.

I rushed over to Home Depot, got all of the parts and headed home. I forgot to take pictures of my car filled with wood, but here is one after I had started.

I cut the wood to what I thought would be the correct size, painted them with leftover paint from my front porch (awesome!), waited for the paint to dry….then glued, nailed and screwed them together!

Only to realize that I didn’t account for the angle of the frames being open, so the shelf brackets weren’t big enough! BUT, I just opened them a different way and it works even better!

Unfortunately, I am right in front of  huge window, so I am finding it difficult to take a really nice photo, but you get the idea.

Since having this shelf display I have sold several sets of glassware and have MANY more people actually looking at them! You can now clearly see that they are etched glasses and not just a pile of glasses on a table. Even dads are looking at them now! How exciting!

I also had someone pick up these and say “Put a bird on it!” It was awesome. She didn’t buy them though….buy you can!

Needless to say, this sale might not be as profitable as I had hoped for in the end, but my display looks great and I realize some new glasses I need to make. I also completed this blog and I will be adding to my Pinterest as well! It’s been a good day!

Now to create more fun glasses for the next show, the 15th Annual Art and Soul Holiday Sale stop by, that one will be super fun! And April will be there!


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