Working for the Vacation

I’ve had this vacation planned for about 6 months now. Somehow it still seems like it has snuck up on me! Dan and I are headed to Las Vegas and St. George, Utah for a week! We will be staying at the Luxor for a few nights then headed to my Grandparents beautiful home in Utah. We are both very excited to leave this cold, rainy place known as Minnesota.

Now, I have been a very busy girl the last few weeks! Let’s see, well, I graduated for Normandale Community College with my A.S. in Elementary Education. Dan’s parents came and took a bunch photos, but I will probably never see those.

We also celebrated Dan’s birthday by going to a Twins game. Here is a bad photo we took of ourselves!

ImageImageThe weather was fantastic that day (for once) so that was fun!

Let’s see, what else….I started selling my etched glassware at the Midtown Farmers Market in Minneapolis. I will be there once a month on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Check out my Etsy site for more dates!

I also had the privilege of being an artist at Johnstock this year. It was supposed to rain and be icky all day, but luckily, the sun was shinning in the morning! My friend April and I were quite excited! April makes beautiful jewelery and I was happy to get a spot next to her, so we had a super fun day even though it did rain and get a little chilly! I look forward to participating again next year!

I started my next step in my college career at Minnesota State University-Mankato by taking my first summer class. It is a Music Methods class for Elementary Education, so it is pretty fun. I am remembering all of my music training from years ago!

(Ok, while I am writing this up, I’m listening to my Har Mar Superstar Pandora station, I love dance music, and I just heard the new Daft Punk song Get Lucky. Totally just bought the album. Yes!)

So, where were we? Right, I am also learning to play the recorder. Yes, the recorder. That silly clarinet-looking instrument. It’s actually kind of fun! I have been plugging away for the last few days getting a ton of my homework done so that I don’t have to worry about it on my vacation.

I have also been working on new etchings for my upcoming shows! Here are a few preliminary photos:

ImageImageImageImageLet me tell you about some of my new designs.

First off, Congratulations to my state for passing a Marriage Equality Bill! Now ALL couples can marry! So in honor of that, I made some new GLBT glasses! The one shown is a little hard to see, it’s hot off the press! It is a heart surrounding two males holding hands! I made an additional set for the ladies too! I have a few other fun ideas to celebrate this exciting new future!

I also did a set of 6 green wine glasses with trees on them for a custom order! One of the images is a tiny bird on a green port glass. The glass is about the size of a thimble, it it TOO cute!

I am hoping to get some great new pictures on my Etsy site in July.

Until then…..(I’m going for a bike ride and I’m going to think about starting to pack. We leave tomorrow!)


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